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We are the finest in driveway maintenance, repair and protection in the area. Our contractors pay attention to the finest detail.  Whether it's simply sealcoating, crack filling, patching, an overlay with "Magic Coat" undercoat to rejuvenate your present driveway, resurface with new surface asphalt or to remove and replace for a complete reconstruction.  We are the one to call. With over 25 years experience and many recommendations, you can have confidence in our reputation.

Home of the "MAGIC COAT" where cracks, chips and blemishes simply disappear! We can extend the life of your driveway.

We are locally owned and operated. Fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our workmanship and materials are fully guaranteed.

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Two day operation. Day one repairs. day two check repairs and seal.
After three patches and crack filling repairs the driveway looks like new.

This one also had our "Magic Coat" treatment, which rejuvenated the athetics of the surface.

After curing no sign of repair is visable.

Our aim is to leave each driveway looking like new.


This driveway had three large structural cracks.
  • Repaired using our "paste" filler, this brings the repair up to grade and level with the surface, and a hot crack filler method on areas which require that little extra attention.
  • It is then covered with a latex cover which is banded across to keep out the weather.
  • Once cured, on our return we applied two coats on this driveway. First "Magic Coat" then a 2 year seal. 
Picture taken half way through process. Once completed, the driveway looks like new. Notice how our seal is much blacker than others.
Regular asphalt driveway:

This is a regular Naperville driveway. 750 sq. ft. 3 car garage, with a two year inviorementaly friendly seal.

We would recommend that you call us to fit your driveway in when we are in the area, unless it requires repair.

Most repair is done on the first day and allowed to cure.

Then checked, and finally sealed.

Workmanship and materials are highly guaranteed.

We perform all repairs and maintenence, and have three longevity of seal, all of top quality, are asphalt based, not coal tar which is banned in some states.

  1. Economical Seal - Inexpensive - Excellent if you are selling and want to present a good "curb appeal."
  2. Regular Seal - Done yearly, is thicker, blacker and hides more imperfections.
  3. Super Seal - Most economical, top seal available, very thick and black. Lasts for 24 months, hides more imperfections. The best seal on the market. Best seal if repairs and maintenance are performed.
Our workmen can take an older driveway, walkway or patio and renew it so it looks like new.
  1. The brick pavers are carefully loosened, removed where destabilization has occured, damaged bricks are replaced. Low patches are brought up to grade, so that the area is level.
  2. Surface is then compacted with new sand until secure.
  3. Full surface is then cleaned. Locking sand is then applied to the top 1/4" of sand, to protect the area from weather and future de-stabilization.
  4. The area is then sealed with (1, 3 and 5 year seal.)
Chipped, cracked and weathered surfaces can be repaired for less than replacement. let our estimator come out and give you a non obligation quote. We also replace sections, or remove and replace if required.
  1. Chipped and weathered surface are prepared, then either filled or skim coated with a new strong bonding product.
  2. Surface is then brushed to give it that new driveway look.
  3. Area is then sealed with a special sealer, which makes the driveway appearance look one color not a patch work quilt.

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For over 27 years we have been servicing the Naperville Sealcoating needs of our neighbors in Naperville, Illinois. We also assist our neighbors with sealcoating needs in the adjoining communities:  Clarendon Hills,  Darien, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Eola, Geneva, Glen Ellyn,  Glendale Heights, Hinsdale, Lisle, Lombard, Warrenville, Wayne, Wayne Center, Westmont, Wheaton, Willowbrook, Winfield, Woodridge. We do all kinds of repair, resurfaceing, reconstruction and new construction. Please call us any time to schedule a Free quote @ 224-200-7859, ask for one of our specialists.

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